Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art Sales and Feng Shui

I've been fortunate to stay home and focus on art these last 10 years, especially considering my oldest is 8. There is always stuff going on with the children--school, various activities, PTA, baseball games (and soon soccer for child #2), etc--so it hasn't been easy. My new frame of mind on art has really been a switch. Before I was never concerned about making money, perfectly content making the art for my own gratification. Then last year before our youngest hit Kindergarten, my husband inquired about my goal for contributing to future college funds. Oh. That. Darn! I was having so much fun not having a plan. So, there's been a shift in thought about how I feel about selling art. Having goals and selling my work allows me to make more art. Once I thought of it that way, I embraced the idea wholeheartedly. I still make art to my own specifications and I still have my own schedule--but now the art to appreciator cycle is more likely to occur. I'm also finding having goals keeps me in the studio, and that makes me happier. So with this in mind, I calculated my art sales from 2010 and the grand total proves I need to sell more work. I was motivated enough to inquire at two local places--wish me luck.

Feng Shui, or something resembling that
I tried to follow basic principles at first. I gave up quickly because our family desk is situated so that when using it, ones back is exposed to outside forces. Oops. So with major limitations, I did it anyway, which essentially just equates to a cleaner desk.

I started a new filing system to get rid of my in-box, which was acting like a black hole for random photographs, recipes, coupons, art supply purchases and medical receipts. Now I have an accordion file for misc received during the week to be filed on Fridays--it's so uncomplicated it might actually work. I also have the same type of file on the table in my studio with my art-related receipts.
Next is a closeup of Blue Elvis, painted years ago, plus a marriage pic. Blue denotes growth and knowledge and the marriage pic is to represent, well, family and romance. They're probably in the wrong location, but since my back is already exposed, what the hell. Raleigh painted this paper mache dog and it's red and yellow, signifying fame/recognition and health. I'm starting the year off well, Friends! (Thanks to Austin artist Debbie Buie for the inspiration to do this feng shui exercise!)

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