Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2

I've been a little off the last two weeks. I just can't seem to get to the print lab, even though I have several prints to work on. Various things keep getting me derailed. But the good news is I'm still on target with my one-piece-a-week goal! Woo hoo! I worked on this while The Big Lebowski was on in the background--The Dude Abides. Perhaps a fitting choice since I seem to want long baths and hours of bowling over ink and an apron?

This piece is itty bitty. I haven't worked this small in awhile, but it was a fun study nonetheless. The next one, already in the works, is on catchers and their signals.

It's rather difficult to get rid of the glare on encaustic works. The best thing to do is set up a diffuser. It can be done easily with a white sheet. Here's a picture of my studio with the light draped. The pic is from several weeks ago and for this current encaustic piece, I'll have to leave a better picture to another day since it's time for bed. Once I retake the picture, I'll post them up side-by-side to see if it's worth the hassle.


Carolyn Kimball said...

Love the first piece in the new baseball rules series!

Cathy Savage said...

Thanks! I may have a buyer who goes by the name M-O-M. :)

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Very cool piece! Good luck with your one per week goal - I don't doubt you will do it!

Cathy Savage said...

Thanks Regina. We're loving baseball now that Wes is hooked. I imagine I'll be doing more, even after the catcher is finished on Sunday.