Friday, January 28, 2011

Writing Proposals and Wearing Pantalones!

Man, I'm glad the two proposals put together for PrintMatters are finally in the mail! (Should one be chosen, a show will be held at the Museum of Printing History in Houston this summer.) Luckily I had help with one of them since the project is a collaborative effort. I'm feeling confident that even if our group proposal isn't accepted, it's a great concept and artists Carolyn Kimball, Lynne Hubner and I will be able to execute the exhibit for another venue. We will have a crazy spring should it get accepted, but it will be fun and it would really push us in all kinds of awesome directions. Now that progress has been made on this to-do item, I can focus on other stuff I was supposed to do this week, which will all be crammed into today and maybe spill into tomorrow morning. (The picture above is of a form from my Working Artist SW program for cataloging work and activities. I wanted the form with thumbnails, titles, dates, sizes, etc to accompany the disc of images. Unfortunately the images loaded into my SW are not low res so there was a memory problem when being sent to my printer. I ended up just listing the work w/o images, but isn't this program cool? One of these days I'll replace all the work in the SW with low res files so I can use this feature. You can put the work in whatever sequence you want, too. Personal note to Mom: Yes! This is the program you bought me Christmas of 2009!)

I bought these pants in Barcelona a couple of years ago. Sure, my butt resembles that of an elephant when in them, but boy I do not care! Surprisingly Keith likes them too, even though he's the kind of guy that doesn't really want to attract attention. My friend Jim told me when he first saw them, and I quote, "Never wear them again. Ever, ever again." When I do wear them, I call them my Pantalones with an accent with embellished flair. I just can't resist. Aren't they fabulous? Oh, and they are corduroy! People probably think of MC Hammer when they see me coming, but I embrace that. Click on youtube video below for Can't Touch This!


Kim said...

I was singing can;t touch this to Dave and it made me think of your blog. I showed Dave this post and he laughed! Can't touch this!!

Cathy Savage said...

So funny! One of these days we need to relive the old Toulouse days... :)