Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun pattern for a sweater, Week #s 3 and 4

For the last two summers I've knitted sweaters, and I'm on the hunt for one to begin late July. You see, I have to plan a sweater months in advance and buy the yarn way ahead of my launch date, because if I wait until July, I would laugh at such a suggestion as knitting in the heat. If I have it ready to go at the start of our get-the-heck-out-of-town-or-bust time of year, it's much easier. Especially if it's ready to go in my knitting bag with the proper needles and accouterments. My current idea? This one.

Well, I haven't quite finished week 3 or week 4 of my One-Piece-a-Week project, but at least I'm getting closer. I won't go into excuses, but there you have it. I'm already slipping on my New Year's Resolutions... I'm still hopeful that I'll wrap these up and begin on #5 in the next few days.

I demoed gelatin printmaking at the Windsor Park Library on Saturday and had a blast. I was the recipient of a super cool gift, but I wanted to ask for permission before I post it. Hopefully soon you'll see it!

Oh and listen to this little gem. My business cards have the wrong phone number printed on them. Too bad my new Excel spreadsheet (thank you Alison of Burnish & Brush Art Studio for sharing!) doesn't have a column for Cost of Errors.

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