Monday, February 7, 2011

Natasha Bowdoin Exhibit and Paper Mache Dude

I'm on to making my paper mache bust, even though I'm still working on past one-piece-a-week projects, namely week 3 and week 5. I was in Houston over the weekend and saw a great exhibit, which I'll mention in a minute, and on the way there and back I listened to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth on disc. If you haven't picked up this book, it is worth a read/listen (I have both and prefer the CDs). I love listening to it. I'm not sure how to put it, but it seems to remind me to be present, be simple, and just exalt in the happiness of BEing.

The exhibit was of Natasha Bowdoin's work at the CTRL Gallery who also has two large works at the VAC. She is freaking awesome. I hope you enjoy the pictures and consider going to the exhibit which closes February 19. (She can wield an X-acto blade like nobody's business. Yes, what you perceive is a cut out, is indeed a cut out.)
Natasha also had a wall of sketches with a portion shown here. I loved them!
 Back to the cutouts.



Well, I'm onto my bust of X. Not sure if it's going to be Tesla or husband Keith, but I'm leaning towards Tesla. I'm in the early stages of planning The Tesla Project 2011 so I'm beginning to get nutty again. I love 3-dimensional work. I'm new to it, but since it's so different than what I normally do, it's like giving me a shot of adrenaline. First step for a paper mache project is to ball and twist up newspaper and use masking tape to hold it together. I ran out of tape so I'll need to wait until later today or tomorrow to finish up the head. Right now I'm pretty jazzed.

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