Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper Mache Tesla, day 2

Boy this is fun! I've put about 3 hours so far into shaping Tesla's head with more to go. His nose and cheekbones need work, as does the back of his hair and his poof. (The guy had some hair). His mustache hasn't made an appearance yet, but it's coming.

The urge to throw it in the air and punt kick it is overwhelming, but so far I've resisted. One thing about paper mache--materials are super cheap. So far my out of pocket expense is $8.

Thank you Blue Elvis for being the perfect model.

I'm going to be getting nuttier about Tesla as the months go on. I can see it coming and I just can't stop. Luckily Keith loves it when I geek out. Put July 9, 2011 on your calendar. It's the date of the 2nd annual Tesla Project. (2011 url coming soon...)

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Janna said...

love how Tesla is coming along...can't wait to see the final product. am so inspired by all of your weekly projects. thanks so much for sharing them. have the 9th on my calendar...missed it last year. don't want to make that mistake again.