Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paper Mache Tesla, day 5

I worked on Tesla on Monday night and Tuesday day--I should have been cleaning house and doing laundry after my 4-day vacation with 3 Slobby-Bobbys left at home, but Tesla beckoned me--so the following post is old news. Therefore, no art today. I'm fixated on cleaning my house after I drop work off to Haven Galley, and then run into Austin Community College for a quick meeting to learn the ins and outs of Steamroller Madness (I have my own post/pics from Steamroller Madness a few years back). I tackled laundry last night and the pile was ... impressive. I would have taken a picture but my mom reads this blog. On to the good stuff: Paper Mache!!

Tesla now has a second coat of newspaper strips dipped in diluted glue, and one coat of gesso. I need to give him a light sanding to smooth down kinks such as this bumpy nose

and other paper creases like this one,

then I'll be giving him a final gesso topcoat. There's an artist at Haven Gallery, Tiffany Ownbey, that makes fun paper mache horses covered with pattern papers and book margins. That gave me the idea of taking copy from books (engineering/physics ones!) and cutting it into strips for hair and his other features. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with eyes.


Janna said...

love the way tesla is coming along. has been fun watching him evloving.

Cathy Savage said...

Thanks! I've been stalled a bit, not sure where to do about the eyes. But I got an idea on my run this morning. Now I just need time to execute. :)