Friday, February 25, 2011

Print Lab--Hello Stranger! Plus Akua workshop in April

I am a little behind on my goals. It's a good thing I'm only using them as a benchmark, because otherwise I would be feeling anxious. So, the good news is I made it into the print lab this week--perhaps obviously for you faithful readers since I posted about Chine Colle the other day. My first print was overwiped and my second was messed up due to a heavy application of glue. Whenever I take a break the first few times back in the lab it's like I need to be reintroduced. So Tuesday was my handshake. 

I signed up for a workshop that Ron Pokrasso is leading early April. I am very excited. It's with Akua inks and even though I probably won't learn any new techniques, it will be a workshop that will be filled with playing and experimentation. I seem to be a taskmaster when I print so it will be great to loosen up and let go. Besides, it'll be out of town and I will need to stay in a hotel, and I am looking forward to just chillin all by myself. Click here for info on the workshop.

Here's a cool Akua video.

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