Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feeling like a forensic scientist today

Did you ever see Gorky Park? I thought that movie was really good back in the day. They have a scene where a forensic scientist is reconstructing a face from a found skull and I kept thinking of that movie today.

This is what I started with.

Then I added some Plaster of Paris (which is just ground recycled paper mixed with water) to enhance the eyes and ears. Once it's dry I'll pop it off and sand it etc, then attach with glue.

I took these books and tore out papers.

I did feel a little guilty about defacing books, but they are science books from the 1960s. I figured a science book from the 1960s probably is just about as accurate a geography book from that same decade. That's how I rationalized it anyway.

I adhered the torn papers with PVA. Just about 1/2 way finished!

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