Monday, March 28, 2011

Banner hung, Seraphine and Knitted Royals

I went to church Sunday morning and saw my Grant Wood inspired banner hanging up on the alter (posted about here), or whatever it's called at a Unitarian church. Stage? It was fun to see and I'm glad I did it. It's to help promote a month-long social action project aimed at learning about food consumption and production, eating locally and seasonally, etc.

I can't find any books on Seraphine. I would love a biography--better yet, one with color pics. I found a few books online but they were in written in either Spanish, French or German. Sigh. Please place a comment if you know of any. (This is all due to watching the film Seraphine and blogging about it here.)

Also, I read about this book on my favorite blog, which is Craftzine. I couldn't give two hoots about the Royal Family, but this looks so fun! Oh I just thought of something... A knitted Tesla! Now that I need to find or alter a pattern and make my own. I could include all the players--Westinghouse, Edison, his beloved pigeon. All I need is a little encouragement, hint hint.

Speaking of Telsa and all things crafty and therefore uber-delicious, my Tesla bust is slowly but surely moving along. I've sanded it and added another layer of gesso. I've even purchased some books on physics and engineering that I plan to tear up and glue on to the bust for skin. I think I'll tear up the covers (paperbacks) for the shirt. Oh, I'm so excited! (Finally.... it's been sitting on a shelf for weeks now.) Who would have thought that a book about the knitted Royals would circle around and get me revved up to finish the bust?

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