Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love Caran D'ache Crayons!!

Task: Create banner for Journey with Food event sponsored by First UU Church of Austin
Dimensions: 2.5'x13'
Purpose: Display in sanctuary to advertise/promote month-long event

My dilemma has been material. When I found out the event was one-time only, I debated creating it on fabric. Why go through that expense when it will be tossed? Then I figured I could create it on canvas with water-soluble Caran D'ache crayons, wash it, and donate it to a nearby pre-K once I'm finished. I hate ironing, so the thought of ironing my fabric was a big deterrent, but I went ahead and bought some ocher-colored canvas and bit the bullet.

Time spent? If I include my time coming and going to the fabric store, ironing, using iron on fusible seam adhesive on the top and bottom and fastening the wood to the top as support, it was nearly 5 hours.

Expense? $12 for fabric since I used a coupon I printed off the net. I had the crayons and the wood support.

Thank you Grant Wood. I basically borrowed entirely from his painting shown here. I whipped out my sketch in about an hour, so I hardly did his work justice.

This is what the crayons look like before adding water. Very much like a crayon mark but I love the brightness.
A little softer now. I've used a wet brush to blend the marks. Just looking a bit bumpy here because it's drying on the grass. If I get around to taking a picture of the banner hanging in the sanctuary, I'll be sure to post it.

Kids arrived home last night! The 4 of us are going camping until Sunday, leaving in a bit. I'm looking forward to hanging out in the woods and chillin.

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