Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tesla postcard has arrived!

The kids have left the building. What does a stay at home mom/artist do when her kids are on a mini-vacay with their grandparents? Oh well let me tell you because I am living the dream. Turns out one first cleans her house because of the chaos left in the wake of their departure. Then reads the news, but only briefly because it is so depressing. Then does an hour of email maintenance and paperwork. Then calls friends to organize lunches without a hard end time. Then works on art for the rest of the day. (Fitting in dinner out and a walk with husband.) Oh, and blogs 3x in one day. Steps of the linocut posted below.

Here I've resized my sketch and printed it out. I'm about to transfer the laser jet to the linoleum with a blender pen, then transfer it by rubbing with a wooden spoon.

Image is transferred and now carved with a v-gouge. My next step--ink it and print it. I added the induction motor after my first print. 

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