Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New tool added to my repertoire

I used the scroll saw last night. It was a little tricky with a general purpose blade. My friend Preston Woodruff has all kinds of super skinny blades for his wood working business, and I was wishing I was in his workshop using them. But I made do. I was hoping to get to this a week ago but Pine Wood Derby prep work by husband and son turned the energy in the house slightly manic so I basically stayed out of their way from 7-9 every night, which is prime time for me to use power tools. 

Tasks to date. Gessoed the bottom of the wooden box where this performing Perriot is going to be bouncing around. Drew background with pencil and covered with a layer of wax. (The blue tape is hopefully going to keep any stray wax from getting on the sides of the box.)

Sand wooden body parts, which I'll hopefully do today. After sanding I'll apply a coat of gesso and then paint them with acrylic paint. I'm not quite as far as I had hoped at this point, but I am still on target for a Saturday drop off. I have a feeling I'll be burning some midnight oil--this is a busy week.


Alison said...

Good Luck...Can't wait to see your finished piece

Cathy Savage said...

Thanks! I'm hoping today I can knock it out!