Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grocery List. Yes, you read correctly.

Some of you that read this blog will say "Whaaaat?" But I've strangely had enough interest in my grocery list to want to share it with the world. It has nothing to do with art, but everything to do with making chores quick and easy so I can get back to art making. I print the form on 8.5 x 11" paper--one sided so I can write my menus for the week on the back--and cut them in half. I then have them on a mini magnetic clipboard that lives on my fridge. I have stuff on there that I'm always short on just as a reminder. I have a list of the dirty dozen on the bottom (foods that generally have the worst pesticide residue). Convinced you need one? I have a PDF right here.

And now for some good news on my paper mache Tesla bust.

Man, I'm getting a little sick of this project. But I'm closing in on the finish. I have some refining to do, including putting in the eyes. One positive thing about having so many irons in the fire art-wise, is that I never get bored. I just hate when I don't finish due to lost momentum. (See that dent in his nose? I need to fix that too.)


mystique said...

Could it be possible that you, Cathy, get groovier with age? Thanks for inspiring:)

Cathy Savage said...

Possibly, but mostly likely dorkier is a better description. :)