Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ron Pokrasso Monotype Workshop was great!

Fellow Austinite and artist Catherine Small and I had a grand time at Ron Pokrasso's workshop in Conroe, TX this past weekend. We drove up on Thursday and went to his lecture with a new friend/artist Junanne Peck from Fort Work. (We were treated with a slide show during the lecture--it was great seeing a consecutive body of work of maybe 50 images.) Ron's work is wonderful. At the start of the workshop he showed us his portfolio that exhibited the techniques we were going to learn during the 2-day course. 

What I enjoyed most about Ron's technique is he when he works a monotype plate and pulls a print, he then works with the ghost image to create another print, then works with the ghost image from that, and so on. Below is Ron's first print from the workshop. It was created using two plates and the first picture was taken right after he ran his first plate. (Notice how his paper is still under the roller, which is how he's registering the print.)

Pictured below, Ron has slid in his 2nd plate and is printing on the same paper, over the results above.

On the second day of the workshop, Ron put what he refers to as a "veil" over the figures and adds the text "two guys" using trace monotype.

Ron took the ghost images from the plates used in the print above to create a second print. He added some chine colle as well. Here's his second print. You can see remnants of the first print.

Here's an upclose picture of his chine colle. He wrote and partially erased text onto Rives Lightweight, then added the Xerox of Uncle Sam. He also added a keyboard graphic, which is barely pictured here; you can see more of it at the top of his print in the picture above.

Ron incorporates mixed media work (graphite, prints from other techniques, Caran d'Ache crayons, stencils, templates, collage) which I've been doing but from a completely different--and less successful--approach. His style got me to look at monotypes with an entirely fresh outlook. With collagraphs and etchings, I start my plate knowing the outcome. The appeal has been the challenge of reproducing the image in my mind to an image with the completed print. But my work lacks spontenatity and is often overworked. Ron goes into his studio without preconceived notions or desired outcomes. He acts as the conduit for the creation of the art, allowing the piece to direct him in its creation, embracing the "happy" accidents along the way. If you have an opportunity to attend one of his workshops, I strongly encourage it. Do check out his works on paper. And bonus, if you aren't a believer in Akua Intaglio, you will be after one of his workshops.

I took pictures of my work too, but I consider them works in progress. If I've able to advance them, I'll be sure to post the before and afters.

Even though I came home to a chaotic house and will be dealing with it for a day or two, the workshop was well worth it. I hope you can attend one of Ron's workshops, listed here. (I'm hoping to be able to go to his studio in NM for one! If you know me personally and can have any influence with Keith in this regard, I hope you use your powers of persuasion!)


Anonymous said...


What a wonderful synopsis of the Ron Pokrasso Workshop! I enjoyed the description and photos very much.


Cathy Savage said...

Thanks Denise. I had a fabulous time. Lonestar was fantastic--thanks for opening it up to non-students.

The Library of the Loba said...

Hey, Cathy! I've been in Ron's printshop since I needed to pull some prints. I am in santa Fe for two months in an AIR program. He told me you've been in his workshop and you had a great time. Small world!

Cathy Savage said...

When I read on FB that you were going to Santa Fe, I was curious if you were somehow hooked up with Ron. His workshop was fabulous and he was so nice and encouraging. So great that you've been there working. I hope to get out there at some point... Do say hello for me!

You've been busy! Can't wait to hook up in person and hear all about your successes. We should plan a night out when you get back. So far we've spent more time together in Barcelona together than in Austin. :)