Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lookie here. Finally invited to the 5x7 show!

Arthouse here in Austin holds an annual 5x7 show where artists are invited to submit work for auction as a fundraiser for Arthouse's exhibitions. I think in return the artist gets to see their work on the walls during a preview opening. The art is not labeled, so there is no marketing opportunity for the artist. But it's cool being asked, and before now, I have never received the nod. How they get their list of artists I'll never know, but before 2011 I was overlooked my spam filter must have intercepted every invitation. Save the date! May 12, 2011!

On a (somber) political note, have you been following the situation with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei? He's a vocal government dissenter and he's being held by the Chinese government and his wife and employees have not heard from him for days. Here's a recent CBS report. There is so much crazy and depressing stuff going on right now. Sigh.

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