Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Daddy

Unfortunately I have PTA work (Art Show prep) this week that is keeping me fairly occupied. Add that to the regular stuff of just plain living, and I haven't done any art this week. But, I did find a little treasure in the garage while I was looking for a suitable 2x4, so there's that.

No, I didn't train him to lie on this back. He's dead. Quite well preserved. I'm looking forward to showing the kids in the morning.

I do want to comment about my new shelf. It's weird. It went up finally on Saturday morning and it kicked off an entire weekend of tidying up. For both me and Keith. We went nuts going through closets and getting rid of stuff. Felt great. Laundry room? My gosh I can see what's going on in there now! Love to purge. If only I did it with more regularity....

And now I've moved this little lady into our bedroom, so I can immediately be cheered up in the morning and therefore forget about how much I'd rather be sleeping instead of being rudely roused by an alarm clock. Grrr.

I bought her in St. Pete, FL several years ago. It was maybe only $25. I would have paid big bucks, too. Let that be a lesson to you! If someone wants to buy your art, they will plunk down the cash.

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