Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Removing residual ink from silkscreen

My Lego Indiana Jones screen is a little gunked with dried ink in some delicate areas.The fix, according to my screen printing guru and all around super hero, Theresa Bond? Pour a little amount of bleach and water and use Q-tips to rub the heck out of your screen in the area you need cleaned. It's true. It worked. It took more elbow grease than I anticipated, but it worked. In the end I decided to saturate my Q-tip with the bleach/water solution (I used 1:3, bleach:water) and let it sit on the areas I needed cleared while I did other stuff, like brush my teeth, do the dishes, write this blog post. I will need to go back in and touch up these sections with my screen filler, but that's OK. It'll be quick. The screen is stained so no need to guess on where to use the filler. BTW, it's good to hold your screen up to the light while now and again to gauge your progress. Happy printing!

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