Monday, May 30, 2011

Hot Dog! Lego Indiana Jones seen at random place!

I saw someone wearing my tshirt at Wheatsville Coop. Of course I went up to her and said something. Pretty cool! I can definitely see why screenprinters like making shirts. How fun to see them out and about!

In that same vein, I was at a friend's brunch this morning and saw this print of mine on the wall. It catches me by surprise every time I'm over there.

Raleigh Bird
18 x 25

But like anything, you win some you lose some. I sent images of my new monotypes to Haven Gallery and they were passed on. (What does one do when this happens? I'll tell you. Not get discouraged. Send more images.)

Plus I showed Keith and the kids my reworked Tesla bust after some plastic surgery, and Keith laughed out loud. Not the reaction I was going for--I was expecting a more delicate response--but enough to prove I need to keep working on it. It's true, this looks nothing like Tesla. Dang those facial proportions! Arrgh!

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