Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shameless self-promotion--show in Houston

I have two pieces in a show at Hooks-Esptein in Houston, which opens on June 4. It's pretty cool to be in such good printmaking company. Lots of talented artists in this group! Here's a link to the entire exhibition. I can't make the opening due to a little thing called a wedding--not mine, mind you--but I've asked my Houston pals to go and to talk loudly about me in front of the staff. :)

I think one piece is signed on the back (on verso or en verso). I have a hard time signing prints on the front when the image takes up the entire sheet of paper. I bet galleries prefer prints be signed on the front. Do you ever sign on the back?

I went to lunch with friend, artist, and newly wed Carolyn Kimball the other day and she pretended to give me a flogging for not being in the studio much. I've been up to my ears in event planning for The Tesla Project that I'm not doing my own work. Thank you Carolyn! I worked on my Tesla bust on Friday as a result, which had been collecting dust. My husband and kids remarked that they liked it better before my changes but that's OK. Time to move forward even if I take a few steps back in the process.

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