Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tesla postcards galore!

I just finished printing these babies. I used Akua intaglio and thickened it up with Oil Converter because my jar was from their first formula, purchased eons ago at a conference and it's now pretty liquidy (in all honesty, it wasn't very thick to begin with, not like the new stuff). It did get pumped up with the additive and behaved just like you think relief ink should.
Here's my set up. It only printed OK. I then tried Akua's new formula straight out of the can and liked it much, much better! I plan on reserving the old stuff for drypoint ONLY. Granted, they are two different blacks, but the one with the oil converter looks and feels waxy, and left a weird residue on my plate.

See? Here's one that is from that old can of Carbon Black with Oil Converter mixed in. My picture isn't great, but believe me, up close the print isn't as sharp as the one below, regardless.

Here's one printed with Jet Black, from a new can of Akua Intaglio, unmodified. So, now I need to print an edition with the new ink since sadly I didn't give up on the old stuff until print #14. Anyone need a postcard? I have 12 up for grabs. I'll mail you one if you send me your address: csavage at savageartist dot com

I don't think I've mentioned the recent Tesla Project's call for entries. Here's a link. Consider reading about Tesla on Wiki and submitting something by the end of June. The event is fun, so at a minimum consider coming!

Off topic, but interesting:
5 x 7 show at Arthouse--FUN!
I managed to sneak away last Friday and pop into the 5 x 7 show at Arthouse. Wow. They have really transformed the place. Luckily (?) I live under a rock, so the controversy surrounding Arthouse and its dismissal of curator Elizabeth Dunbar wasn't fully understood, and therefore I did not boycott. It would have been a shame to miss it. You have until June 12.

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