Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wireless Sunday

Man, I am really, really thinking this was the best thing ever. I'm even tempted to eliminate the computer and phone on Saturdays too. But for now I'm sticking with Sundays before 8 PM, when I flip on PBS.

What was on tap for my wireless day? Well, I attended a church congregational meeting for 2.5 hours to hammer out changes in bi-laws and vote on a new position. As you can imagine I wanted to bring in some handwork with me, so I printed off my drawing for my Tesla postcard after resizing it, and embroidered through the material and paper. (This was on a T-shirt, so you need a stabilizer with that type of material. You can buy fancy embroidery paper or use waxed paper or even laser printer paper.) I ran out of black floss so I need to buy some more before I can finish up, but you can see it's coming along nicely. (I just happened to sit next on a bench with two other crafters nearby! Knitters! Great minds think alike!)

I was too eager to see how it was coming along so I ripped off the paper part to check my progress. I'll continue with the paper as I move along. Hopefully you'll see a finished version soon.

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