Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wireless Sundays

Man, I'm loving these. I do cheat. But only when I forget, but I get back on track quickly. (Granted, my wireless Sunday ends at 8 when I turn on Masterpiece Theater.)

I made this

and I swear I don't have jaundice. I was just trying to get a pic w/o the glare, but this picture doesn't do it justice. It's a bottle cap that looks like it's filled with resin, but it's this stuff, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

and I jazzed up a shirt with an iron on

Plus I organized my sewing nook, a few kitchen shelves, and did laundry--perhaps a little boring to hear about but nevertheless gratifying to accomplish, and things are going into the giveaway bag left and right.

I have known full well about my stash of knitting and sewing books, but they have seemed to multiply now that I have them all organized and stacked together. I'm a sucker for these. The problem is I'm a voyeur. (Note to Self: with all this new time on Sundays, get going on a project, Girl!)

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