Thursday, May 12, 2011

3M Mounting Adhesive

I ordered some of this stuff after the Ron Pokrasso workshop. We got a chance to use it in the workshop as a chine colle adhesive and I really liked it because it's so darn easy. Ron demoed spray adhesive as well as a glue stick vs. the traditional wallpaper paste or rice paste that I've used when I've printed using damp paper (Akua monotypes do well on dry Arches 88), but this stuff is nice because you can get it ready and there's no immediacy as with other adhesives with a limited work time. Essentially it's a roll of thin double sided-tape.
Steps: You cut off the amount you need and adhere the paper to be chine colled face up on the adhesive--which has release paper on the back of it--and squeegee the back (a bitty squeegee is provided). After that, you peel off the backing/release paper and your chine colle paper is ready to go. No need to hurry because that stuff is not going to dry out on you. Position adhesive-side up once your plate is all good and inked up, and proceed as usual. During Ron's workshop I chine colled a piece of Rives BFK, so something with some heft, and it adhered beautifully. (As far as I know this is not archival.)

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