Thursday, June 16, 2011

Indiana Jones would hate this project

Even though I am busy working on He Who Shall not be Named in this Post, I have taken out time to be with the wee ones. Here they are with a snake project.

We hit the library for some books on snakes, the kids wrote down 10 snake facts each (basically they wrote down the first sentence on each page!), they sketched out sample snakes, then they got down to painting the wooden forms that I bought at Hobby Lobby for maybe $2 each. What does that equal? An entire afternoon! They had a great time and I did too!

Wes scratched himself with the paintbrush on his back, which was pretty funny. He blanked out that it had paint on it and a good portion of his back was covered in red acrylic paint. (They were both shirtless. It was too hot for aprons. :)

I think Wes wanted to do some touch-ups on his, but I think they both look pretty good! There was talk about adding tongues and googly eyes.

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