Monday, June 13, 2011

Motivation is in the toilet

I just got back from a wonderful week-long vacation. Being away is always a blessing with a tinge of curse, because my motivation usually takes a nose dive while I'm just plain recuperating. How is it possible that I'd need to recuperate from vacation? I don't know, but it happens every time. I am going to dive in right away to head off this problem. First on the agenda? Tesla bust. I've creeped my kids out long enough now that he is missing an eye. And good lord it's time it was finished! The deadline to submit work for The Tesla Project is coming up soon. It's June 24.

Later this week? Work on this print. I'm actually further along than this sketch. In fact, I'm very close to being done, but I didn't like my 1st pull results a year ago and so I put it on a shelf. (That reminds me, I need to find the dang proofs and plate on said shelf.) I rec'd some new blacks from Rostow and Jung and I'm going to find one that I like so I can finish this beast. I'm teaching a one-on-one workshop on collagraphs through Flatbed Press this coming weekend, so I would like to have a recent (Is a year ago recent? Gulp.) collagraph to show.

I have some exciting workspace pics of The Ink Shop in Ithaca NY, but that post will need to wait for another day. I can see myself working there for a day or days or maybe a week next time I'm in the area, which is annually. Woo hoo!

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