Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Email footer

Are you taking advantage of your email footer? The automatic signature that gets attached to every email, saying such things as my current footer:
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The Tesla Project is ramping up for 2011

I get a lot of hits this way. As an artist that has a hard time bringing up the fact that I'm an artist, I often get prompted into a conversation by an acquaintance has visited my blog or website after seeing it in an email. I have a much easier time talking about being an artist when I get asked about my work!

What possessed me to write this blog post? I've been working with a sponsor for The Tesla Project and they visited my savageartist website (I guess out of curiosity since I've only been yakking about Tesla) and I've been asked if I'd be interested in showing work in their lobby. I'm all for this. I might get a sale (unlikely, but yet it's possible--they are happy to help in that regard should it come to pass) but what's better is my work will get out of my studio and on a wall for others to see. Next step? Find a sample Lending Agreement. If you have one, I'm interested in seeing what you use!

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