Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You've Got Mail

I've had some fun things come in the mail lately. This little gem was for friend and fellow artist Deborah McLouth's retirement party (you must see her prints--they are incredible). This little invite was very clever. I didn't even show all the pages!

Then last week I had this arrive. Hmm. What is it? Oh, my! A little bundle of goodness. This was from artist Elvia Perrin, another amazing artist. (Again, not all pages were shown--and it was hard to choose which ones to photograph.)

 Me? What am I up to? Oh, just living life in a whirlwind of event planning. You can see the fruits of my labor on the Tesla website, or better yet, come to our event on the 9th. I tried working on my lamp today without much luck. The wood split when I tried to drill holes in the base, so I needed to fix that with some glue and wood putty. Then I built a model for my copper piping (new configuration on the lamp vs what I've posted in the past here) and I'm wondering if the weight of the LED light from Firefly is going to be supported. Turns out their LED light bulb is heavy. This artwork was due on the 24th. Arrgh! Yet I am forging ahead. I think tomorrow will be my day.

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