Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Uke in the House

I couldn't resist. Husband went through so much with The Tesla Project, that when I saw this uke I had to buy it. So what if we have a 4-uke house? This is a banjo uke! It's strung like a regular uke--everything's the same except for the drum head. It's a surprise for when I see him in a week, but he never reads this blog so this is a good place to share my secret without blowing it. My friend Preston Woodruff of Appalachian Tree Works is also an accomplished musician, and this first pic is of him giving it a go. While visiting I had to pop into his studio, and here's his set up along with a dulcimer in the works in his studio.

Later today I'm going to visit a gallery later today and hope to post about it tomorrow. It's Drew Deane Gallery in Brevard, and we've struck up a correspondence over the last year.



Preston said...

Great pics, but I immediately straightened up my workshop after your little photo tour! Getting even for the 'swooning sock monkey' shot of you playing the uke, huh? Fair enough. It was a great visit. Hope you and your family are enjoying the Outer Banks.

Cathy Savage said...

The beach is fantastic, though I admit I haven't been on it yet. Ok, let me rephrase, being with family and hanging out at the beach house has been delightful. I just posted about my tool caddy! :)