Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prints galore!

I was in Birmingham, AL the other day on a hotel stop on my drive to NC--the kids and I are spending time in the mountains of Brevard, NC for a week. We got a chance to stay in a nice hotel for FREE thanks to our credit card, which rocks btw (the Starwood Amex--you need this card!). And, what was awesome about this hotel besides the nice room, b'fast buffet and fancy pool, was the artwork. I spied 3 enormous prints on my way in and took pictures. They were covered in glass naturally, so I needed to take the pics at weird angles to reduce the glare. Don't the black and white ones look like steamroller prints? My best guess for the print with the peeps is a lithograph.

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dawn said...

I love it when hotels invest in art. These are fantastic!