Wednesday, August 17, 2011

127? No way!

I love this time of year--though summer vacation has seemed way too short this go around--but there is something exciting about a new school year. I tend to do my year-end eval and New Year's Resolutions around this time (NYE is in the crux of holiday season and therefore not conducive to a sit down and ponder session). Plus there's the anticipation of the end to our wretched summer fall, so that's added excitement. It's a perfect time for me to reevaluate my studio goals:
  • how many hours to shoot for per week, plus
  • specific production goals

I was in the studio for 5 hours today and it was fantastic! I was working on finishing the print above, which needs 3 more prints to finish the edition. My old registration methods were horrendous, so putting on the last layer of color after months of sitting in the queue, was challenging. I will go back in tomorrow for another whack at it. But what's cool is I can get this print off to Haven Gallery as requested, then cross it off my list of things to tackle this week. I'm still working the collage from the other day (here's a glimpse of it so far)

and I decided to rework this piece again (yet to get started)
after deciding it was finished about 2 months ago. I have quite a bit to accomplish yet since it's almost midnight on Wednesday, but I'm thrilled still with the progress I've made over the last week. (Plus, the kids and I went bowling yesterday and I made my lifetime best score of 127! To put this in context, I'm a 70s kind of girl. It's been a banner week!)

What's on your desk or easel? I'd love to see it!

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