Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cookies on the brink of madness

Monday was my last day of Camp Crafty. I had a great time with the kids--we stayed on task, there were minimal sibling issues, and during playdoh time I sneaked away for some tea and the last of my homemade cookies that I, gasp, did not share.

Starting off the day, we did some crayon drawings on mat board after indenting the board with a dull stylus, make fun lines. Previous post on this here. The girls loved this project and the tools seemed to make drawing with crayons more exotic. The boys opted for Lego play, so it was nice and quiet while the girls worked. 
Next we screenprinted t-shirts with my old trusty Lego Indiana Jones, which I've used now on hundreds of t-shirts. It never gets old.

playdoh, before massive amounts of food coloring was added.

Then we made playdoh. This is the best recipe out there, courtesy of the All Austin Co-operative Nursery School, where my kids and I spent many a year.

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 Tbs cream of tartar
2-3 Tbs oil
2 c boiling water
then add food coloring

While the kids were happily squeezing the warm playdoh into the extruder, I sneaked off for my tea in the kitchen, literally 10 paces away. The kids decided to experiment with more food coloring to the point of shock when I waltzed back into the room. But no clothing was permanently soiled and the kids had a blast, so it was all good. Like I said, brink of madness.

Warm playdoh is fabulous. Even my 9-yr-old got in on the action.


Anonymous said...

Are those the cinnamon cookies? They look delicious!!!

Cathy Savage said...

Yes! I'll send you the recipe. My MIL probably wouldn't care if I put it online, but I think I should ask her first. So maybe one of these days it'll be up for all to enjoy. I hope you have a Kitchenaid. The dough is super hard to stir. Or just consider it your workout!