Monday, August 8, 2011

Dental tools finally coming in handy

I had fun in my studio on Saturday night. I was trying the pressure reliefy kind of drawing that I mentioned seeing at Jean Caffeine's place, blog post here. Jean was hazy on the details, but used a stylus-type tool on Bristol Board (I think she said glossy? That would make sense...) and pressed into the board and then used frisket and brayers and pencils and paint to make her image. I didn't have great luck with the brayer, but did have some with colored pencils. I'm sure this type of drawing has a name, but the only thing I can think that it may be called is frottage. Frottage is basically a rubbing. Think tombstone, a piece of paper, and soft pencil.

These are the tools I used. I got them from a friend that called them dental tools--they came in a set... But surely these things are not used on teeth?? These two are dull vs. sharp. One end you can see is made out of plastic.
Basically I just firmly pressed into my scrap of mat board at different intervals of coloring. I look forward to showing my kids and seeing what they come up with! I did have to keep sharpening my colored pencils at a maddeningly rapid pace.

One fabulous thing to note: I cleaned my studio! There is still more work to do on my desk, but the months of stacking and accumulation during the prep for The Tesla Project has finally been stowed in its proper place.

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