Monday, September 26, 2011

Galileo and Fleur-de-lis

I've had a whirlwind couple of weeks. I'm busy with studio hours and I'm staying relatively on top of things business-wise. My new motto as mentioned in a recent post, Be Prepared.

I have Galileo here. (I've had Bohemian Rhapsody on my mind ever since I did the drawing last week...) He was done on Rives Lightweight using black India ink.

Now in the studio, I marked on my plexi with Sharpie indicating his shirt. I have it off set here to show you my guide.

This boggles the minds of some, but I flipped my plexi over so the Sharpie is on the back and I'm going to ink up in blue the marked area--the reverse of my drawing--since I plan to print some color on Galileo's shirt. I have the word TOP written in reverse on the back so I know that when I'm reading TOP correctly, I'm using the inking side.  

To Chine colle Galileo (collage while printing), I'm using the 3M adhesive talked about here. When I applied the adhesive to the back of the drawing, the paper started to curl a bit so I went ahead and lightly positioned it on my viscosity monotype, shown on your left.

Using my very handy registration guide and notes on the back of my monotype, I ran my plexi with the blue through the press on top of my monotype with Galileo hanging on, and this is what I got.
Oh my! Is that perfect registration? I do believe it is! You cannot beat the Takach Press registration grid. This grid has saved tons of frustration and hair yanking. It's turned an 90% off registration printer into a spot on printer. It's all about the tools, baby.

I have a bunch of these backgrounds. I think the next ones will be Fermat, Sir Isaac Newton, Darwin, Hypatia, Tesla (of course) and maybe Thoreau. Amelia Earhart? She was cool. Abe Lincoln? I have a show at the UU church that I'm hanging next week and I need to crank out 7 more drawings. Expect some peeps on Fleur-de-lis!

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