Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nice, clean linocut

Artist: Eleanor Droll, lino plate on left
I went into the studio today and ran into artist Eleanor Droll and immediately fell for the linocut she's working on.

Eleanor Droll's linoleum

I can't get over how nice and clean her carving is. She really carves the lino to the backing on the negative areas and so doesn't get any incidental marks. (If you click on "process" on Eleanor's website you can watch a short video on how a linoleum print is made.)

Detail shot of Eleanor Droll's linocut
I love these sharp lines.

Print on far left by Catherine Small.
4th print from left is a collaborative print by
Catherine Small and myself. The other prints are pure Savage.
I worked on a couple of monotypes today and am really enjoying this technique. I'm typically very controlled with a set agenda when I walk into the studio, and for these monotypes I'm simply playing. I chronicled a print step by step to show the process and will post it probably this weekend.

Call for Entries
The printmaking group I'm affiliated with in Austin, WPA, is holding a Monotype/Monoprint exhibit called Mono y Mono. I'm helping to orchestrate the event, and if you're interested, let me know and I'll send you the prospectus. Entries are due Nov. 1 and the show will be juried by none other than Ron Pokrasso, the guy I've been blubbering about for the last few posts.

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