Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ron Pokrasso Disciples Print Week

Catherine Small and I are printing this week with Akua inks (we took Ron's workshop earlier this year) and we're showing Carolyn Kimball all we know about monotypes. It's been a nice week, albeit we're a little cramped in the WPA studio, and we have some images to show. (The lighting isn't great in the studio for photographing--these images are w/o a flash or tripod, so they could be better--but at least you can get an idea of the prints.)

Here's print #1. I still need to glue on the bird, which hopefully I'll do today. The bird is originally from this print, which I cut up and stashed in my scrap box for a moment just like this. 

I took the ghost from the print mentioned above and printed on a second sheet of paper for print #2. After running it through a couple more times with blue then with ochre, I was ready for my chine colle, which was a bird with his apple from a woodcut I started but never finished. I overprinted the apple with a bit of red.

Print #3 is a monotype background with a collage from last year's drypoint (a proof like the woodcut bird above that never made it very far--yet). It's begging for some hand work, so I imagine this piece will change before it's said and done.

Print #4 is just a background so far. I got the awesome pattern from a foam stamp that I use quite a bit in my work. I think it needs a portrait of Tesla, but Carolyn and Catherine responded with a collective "NO!"

Catherine pulled some interesting prints using salt and string--kind of like a stencil--and here a snapshot of a first pull right off the press. This print has really evolved and I'll try to get a finished pic for a future post. It's really quite interesting to see the prints as they move along. I'll try to capture some of Carolyn's results, plus the process in general over the next couple of days...

Ron Pokrasso has a slide show of his process on his website, which is a great place to start if you're intrigued. A workshop with Ron would even be better! Consider if he comes to your area or if you make it to Santa Fe.

On a serious note, it's been a tough week in Central Texas with all the wildfires. Please send some good mojo our way! And if you have some connection with the rain gods, put in a good word for us.

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