Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drool Worthy Prints

I happened upon Kate Boxer's website and found the most lovely prints (thanks to my Google search of carborundum and collagraph). I had a hard time choosing just a few to repost, so what I recommend is going to Kate Boxer's website and taking a look yourself.

Kate Boxer, Napoleon in the snow, drypoint and hand painted, 27 x 28"

Kate Boxer, Mayakovsky and Lily Brik, drypoint and Chine colle, 25 x 24"

Kate Boxer, Jack Boleardo, drypoint, 8 x 10"

Kate Boxer, Crow, drypoint and carborundum, 22 x 26"

Carborundum (or silicon carbide), and the reason for my Google search, produces a beautiful black when printed intaglio. It's a mineral but is man-made now apparently, and it's used as an abrasive and it comes in all all different kinds of grit levels. It's primary use in printmaking is for sanding lithography limestones, but it can also be used in collagraphs. All you need is a decent PVA and you mix your grit in while it's wet and apply with a brush. I've also seen folks paint with glue then pour on the carborundum and shake off the excess, just like glitter crafts of yesteryear. Here's one link that will show you the basics of carborundum intaglio prints.

Jill Alo was kind enough to lend me her bag carborundum. I had a chance to visit Jill today and I took some pictures of a cool print and it's respective plate, which I'll probably blog about soonish.

And a big thank you to Kate Boxer for allowing me to post her images!

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