Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interesting Print + some Carborundum Results

Artist: Jill Alo, intaglio
I was at Jill Alo's studio the other day and saw a very interesting print and plate. The plate was made from cel-tec/sintra with an added layer of gesso, giving it a very nice texture. Jill gouged out the lines using a lino or woodcut tool. Isn't it wonderful? The blue is chine colle.

Artist: Jill Alo, close up
Here's a closeup so you can really see the texture.

I experimented with carborundum the other day. Here are my plates. They're just on mat board with a coating of acrylic medium. The carborundum was mixed about 50/50 with medium and applied with a brush. This stuff really needs to cure overnight, so keep that in mind if your interest in piqued.

I've inked with Akua Intaglio and wiped with a blue shop towel. The carborundum is hard on anything. Expect it to chew up your towel or tarlatan.

I willy-nilly chose colors and plate orientation. Luckily I have that fantastic press grid to help me stay registered.

Here we go, all done. I want to collage pieces from a drypoint from last year, but I'll need to print the drypoint to do that. This is going to be a tough week with Halloween costume creation going on. I want to enter WPA's Mono y Mono exhibit (which I am organizing--so I really must) but right now I don't have anything to submit. Wish me luck!
This is random, but I wanted to mention a new biscuits and gravy trailer that opened up in Austin on 51st and Duval. They have all kinds of awesomeness. This is straight up biscuits and gravy with vegan sausage and jalapenos. They have stuff for the pure carnivore, so never fear my meat-eating friends.

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