Thursday, November 10, 2011

Darin Forehand's Print Shop, Houston, TX

I visited artist (and fellow FSU alum) Darin Forehand's print shop in Houston over the weekend. I'm thinking about working with Darin on a lithograph and I'm super excited about the prospect. Basically I'll get to create the images and Darin will do all the labor. It's strange. I've always done the whole thing from soup to nuts, but I figure it'll be a great experience and something I'd like to try at least once. (Here's Darin in his shop with my friend Beth.)

I figure if I went all out at a spa (unlikely, but within the realm of possible) I would be spending the same amount, but I'll have more than mud in my ears as my takeaway. Besides, I'll be able to blog about my experience. Hopefully you'll be hearing more about this as I get my husband on board--there will be weekends away so I need to find the right time to spring it. Stay tuned. ;)

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