Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2nd print courtesy of Magic Skirt

Cathy Savage, Lucky Find II, 10.5 x 16",
monoprint with woodcut collage
This is the second print pulled while wearing my magic skirt (which, incidentally, used to be a pair of cargo shorts that belonged to my husband. It has lots of pockets so I love it!).

I had residual ink left on a plate from a month ago ...

Cathy Savage, Lucky Find I, 10.5 x 16",
monoprint with woodcut collage
 ... from this print. (Akua ink is awesome.)

Here's my found plate printed onto a piece of Rives BFK with a roll of Hansa Yellow as a base color. Next step was to add Ochre.

I printed my woodcut using Mars Black--just straight out of the can Akua Intaglio. I then cut out a bird and apple, over printed the apple in red, and then collaged them onto my printed paper with archival glue. Voila!

So, Lucky Find II and Pendulous Perriot from yesterday were entered into the Mono y Mono exhibit. Hopefully they'll get in...

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