Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad Cat Comics

Artist Tim Doyle, screenprint on canvas, 12 x 12"
I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Doyle about 10 years ago when I purchased this piece of his from a coffee shop. We met for coffee during the exchange and it took a couple of years, but now I bump into him semi-regularly. He sells his work around town at various fairs + he's a Tesla fan, so we have The Tesla Project connection. Next time you see his work, make sure to say . . . HELLO.

Tim Doyle, King Crab, 18 x 24", Screenprint
My most recent bump into Tim happened at Renegade Craft Fair and son Wes spent his piggy bank money on this gem of a print. It's about 18 x 24." You can find out more about the process of creating the print here. The pics will walk you through the 5-color process.

Tim Doyle, Bad Cat Comics
Tim gave me this comic when I saw him, where King Crab plays a part. It's written and drawn by Tim and the cover is screenprinted!!! I love it!

Artist Carolyn Kimball
While at Renegade I picked up these cards from Carolyn Kimball. Aren't they fun? I picked up some linoleum the other day at a gift exchange, and I'm looking forward to doing quick carvings just like this--wonderful in it's simplicity.

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dawn said...

okay. I love the King Crab print! and the linoleum cut.