Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Catalog Kinda Thing

6.5 x 6.5" book that I bought from gelatin
printmaking guru Linda Germain. She used Blurb too.
I saw a Blurb catalog by Carol Hayman yesterday and I thought it looked beautiful. It was maybe an 8 x 10" soft bound book with 50 color pages, full-bleed, no text like the book pictured on the left. Timely, also, because thanks to my A&I Books Groupon expiring tomorrow, I will be working on my own photo book. I bought the Groupon months ago thinking a photo book would be a great and portable way to showcase my work when I'm out of town and checking out galleries and meeting other artists or potential collectors. OK--this is really not me. I'd be terrified to walk up to a gallery owner and ask her to look at my book, but, one never knows when the opportunity will strike to show one's work. When I go out of town in a few weeks, I will have my book with me. I will mention to all that I'm an artist and live in Austin. If there's a spark of interest, believe me, I will be ready. I honestly believe this is how luck works--recognizing an opportunity and being ready.

I bought this from Shutterfly last year around this time. It's a hardbound book that's 8 x 8." It's really a nicely made book. I had a problem with the spine and emailed them about it, and they sent me a replacement book right away that has held up. (Both of our dogs died last year, having lived long and happy lives, and this book was a tribute to our furry beasts.)

Here's an inside spread.

Egads. I just checked my Groupon account and I bought two more books from Mixbook expiring in February. Groupon is evil/awesome.

If you have made an art book, please comment and give your report!

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