Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This and That and Some Borax

As someone who is crafty, I am really rather lame at decorating the house for the holidays. The thought of getting a bunch of stuff out and then having to put it away a month later makes me tired just thinking about it. If it's functional, say the ironing board, and I'm going to use it in a week's time for a sewing project in the hopper, I could conceivably leave it out for that length of time. A decorative plate with Santa painted on it? Not so much. (Disclaimer: I love and admire the homes of others that go to the effort!) We did make some borax crystal "snowflakes" by twisting up some pipe cleaners and hanging them by a thread in a solution of boiling water and as much borax as the water could dissolve. After 24 hours the pipe cleaners looked like this, so maybe this counts as decorating?

I knitted this hat about a year ago, maybe longer, and I tried to felt it and shape it on a hat form (a hard plastic deal that basically looks exactly like this hat you see here) and it never quite held. I shoved the hat in a drawer but gave reshaping it another try yesterday and PRESTO! It's beautiful! I'm afraid my hair it too poofy to wear it, but that's OK, it looks mighty fine on Wes. If the hat gets wet, I'll have to go through the reshape steps all over again. The dang thing is a bit on the fragile side--I can't roll it up and travel with it or anything cool like that. Therefore, I have my eye on one at REI.

This is a fleece cat bed made from a fun sewing book called One-Yard-Wonders. I have so many of these sewing books. One project down, 499 to go! The cats are now fighting over who sleeps in it so I may be making another one.

I promise to get back to printmaking at some point (see? more pillowcases...). I also have another artist to show you, Susan Whyne. I paid her studio a visit about a month ago and I want to show you the pics I took of her work (and her outside shower). I hope to finally post the pics tomorrow. You're probably tired of the knitting and sewing posts, but dang I'm feeling the urge to move the needles!


ahufford said...

I need to make a dog bed like that one! Will certainly take more than a yard of fabric for a 60 lb dog. What kind of stuffing did you use?

Cathy Savage said...

I just used polyester fiberfill. I did put in a zipper because the cats tend to barf anywhere at anytime, and for a dog beg I imagine you'd want a zipper too. This book has a square dog bed pattern too with fun piping on the flange, so you are welcome to look at it. I'm sure you can amend the pattern for your girl.