Thursday, January 5, 2012

Artist Judith Raphael--studio visit

While in Chicago last week I visited the studio of Judith Raphael. Most of her work was packaged up for a show, but I was able to see a few works in progress. Don't you love her space? She and her husband Tony Phillips (also an artist with an equally enviable studio) live in a loft upstairs which is absolutely gorgeous.

Artist Judith Raphael, work in progress

My sis and I spent most of our time catching up while together (we're actually Judith's 2nd cousins once removed and so that took a little time to figure out!) and so there wasn't much time to really pick Judith's brain about her work.
Artist Judith Raphael, work in progress

I love the softness of her palette, and then look at the doodads in the background, which reminds me of what I was trying to do with this piece here. Wow. Let me get a bigger pic. (I believe the works on paper are gouache.)

Artist Judith Raphael, work in progress, detail
Artist Judith Raphael, work in progress, detail
The girls are at that tween age. Not quite ready to be women yet still holding on to sense of innocence. I love it.

Artist Judith Raphael, work in progress

Judith Raphael on left, Sister Sue on right

Hoped you liked these as much as I did. We three had such a nice time talking and sharing about our lives and our families. Another visit to Chicago to pick up where we left off is in our near future... Next time I'll ask more art related questions [grin].

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Cousin Judy said...

Hi there! This is the first time your technically challenged cousin saw this very nice stroll through my studio. I will send you the finished painting as soon as I quit obsessing over it.

Call when you are in town so you can meet my sister Diana. ......Judith