Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Etsy Sale!

Cathy Savage, Tesla the Visual Thinker, Linocut, 6 x 4"
I'm trying to calm myself down! Granted, the sale was a small order, ahem, $3, but still. Right on! Thank you Kimberly from MN!

I'm excited about learning all about Etsy. My go to connection has been Kelly Tankersley, and I was lucky enough to get a one-on-one with Kelly just before the holidays. I look forward to beefing up my site.

Since we're on the topic of marketing, there's a marketing group starting in a few weeks that is based on the book, I'd Rather be in the Studio. I look forward to sharing my progress as well as the progress of the peeps that are joining me. If you're out of town and want to lurk in on our group, there may be a way to do that on our newsgroup. Just let me know and I'll pose the question to the others at our first meeting. The course is aimed towards artists, but people of other disciplines could benefit. Better yet, start your own marketing group through this link.

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Cathy Savage said...

I just received my second order on this same print. Woo hoo! Thank you Mary from MI!!