Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chess Anyone?

I whipped out this print today. Well, not quite. It took a bit to carve but the printing was a cinch with my new signpress. So exciting!! The block is a petite little thing--2 x 3" mounted linoleum--and I made some notecards which I've listed on my Etsy site already. I've been fantasizing all morning of printing a new design once a week to build up my Etsy shop with low cost items that move. That is definitely a premature notion at this point because I've only had 3 sales (thank you Ronnie from TN for my latest order!). I'm thinking maybe these cards will cover my coffee expenses, one latte at at time. :)

Here's the press all set up and ready for action. I used foam core cut to size to register my block. This signpress has a paper grabber shown on the left that is super handy. I used a strip of Naugahyde for added presser and to protect the roller.

Dang! I couldn't be any more tickled than I am right now about this press!

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