Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finishing a Woodcut--novel idea

Cathy Savage, Lucky Find II, Woodcut with Monotype
I started a woodcut about 2 years ago and never finished it. (I have so many partially worked projects. Oi vey.) Since I have this lovely lovely new press that loves relief, I thought I'd finish the woodcut where this bird and apple originate. In the print to the left, you see the bird with apple woodcut that was printed on a separate sheet of paper, then cut out and collaged onto a monotype background. The red on the apple was applied as a final step. As for the woodcut, the bird and the apple are the only things going on right now--the rest is an open slate. Hopefully you'll see a print in a few weeks time. I'll need to trim one side of the 12 x 16 piece of Shina since my press bed has an 11" max width.

Incidentally, the monotype/woodcut above will be hung at the JCC at 7300 Hart Lane with the opening tonight--1/12/2012--from 7-8:30 pm. Turns out I've posted this on FB but never posted it here. If you're local and catch this, I hope to see you tonight! If you can't make it, the show will be up until the end of February. More on the Mono y Mono exhibit here.

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