Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kepler in Wood--I have a proof!

© Cathy Savage
I proofed Kepler today. I am sooo excited! Though the lasered woodcut wasn't as clean as I would have liked it to be, it's easily remedied by going in with my woodcarving tools. This will not be an issue next time I laser into wood since the depth of the laser can be altered. (Oh MAKEatx, how I love you and your Epilog laser cutter!)

© Cathy Savage
I have started to work on my mini Brahe linocut. Here's the image that I plan on using. It takes awhile to get something I like sometimes, and Brahe was difficult. I liked the head at one point, and the body, but they weren't at the correct ratio, so I needed to scan the sketch and increase portions of the sketch electronically, then print it out.

I reworked the image with marker, then took out what I didn't like with this stuff--Pentel Fine Point Correction Pen. When ready I'll rescan, increase the contrast, and then transfer image to my linoleum and start carving. If I like the printed results, I'll do the same process as Kepler and have Brahe carved into a block of wood. Kepler and Brahe are meant to be on the same block, opposite each other like a playing card. The finished size will be 15 x 11, with the possibility of going larger with the laser cutter.

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