Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. Wood, meet my friend Ms. Laser

Yesterday was a great art day. I carved a lino then printed it, scanned it, enlarged it, inverted it, flipped it and then had it lasered into wood. Did you follow that?

© Cathy Savage, Kepler, 4 x 6", linocut
Here are prints from the lino version. The image on the left was rolled with a small roller, so it picked up all kinds of incidental marks that I did not want. I pulled out my Cadillac of rollers and had much better results on the one on the right.

Here's the same image, larger now, that has been lasered into wood.
© Cathy Savage

I also lasered another mat board (which I think would be fantastic if it actually prints like it looks, but I have to be honest, I'm skeptical).
© Cathy Savage

Here's the original:
© Cathy Savage, Tesla and the Birth of Radio, 8 x 16", encaustic
The original is an encaustic piece that sold recently at Haven Gallery and I used a picture of the original for the laser file. I'll need to coat the mat board with acrylic medium--following my steps posted here--at some point and schedule more time at WPA's studio.

Proofing will need to wait until tomorrow on the woodcut. Will post as soon as I get a chance to print!

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