Monday, January 23, 2012

Kepler meets some ink

© Cathy Savage
Today was a busy day. I fit in a run (!) to adhere with my new move it plan, then headed to the studio to give my laser cut mat board a go. I printed Kepler 4x using the intaglio method (apply ink, wipe ink off, ink stays in cracks and comes off on paper when run through press) and 1x with relief (roll ink on top--ink misses in places where there's a recess).

© Cathy Savage
The paper used was Arches 88, and since I left my plastic bag of presoaked paper at home (rats!), I just did a quick dip in the water bath and let it sit for a few mins before printing. Ink was Akua Intaglio.

Pretty sweet! The possibilities with the laser cutter are pretty exciting. I look forward to exploring them all. Now that I've tried this plate as is, I'll probably go back in and add some texture using traditional collagraph methods.

© Cathy Savage

His eyes are kinda freaky, so I'll be making some changes there. They also wiped out easier than other areas, so I'll have to be mindful of that when I try this again. I head back in to MAKEatx tomorrow. This time to try wood relief.

Who did I get to share the studio with today? None other than Carolyn Kimball. She's printing an edition for her monthly print subscription. Check it out here.

© Carolyn Kimball

Love the color! Nice work on the pamplemousse!

I did attempt one more print and managed 3 proofs. Here it is after one plate has been printed. I hope to show results after I add color by way of monotype.

I have to go to bed. I need to sketch before heading to MAKE tomorrow, but I'm too wiped out and will have to wait until morning. Luckily it includes Kepler, so I'm at least 1/2 way done.

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Beth said...

Nice work! Glad to see you are having fun.